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notice her beautiful apartment in the background along with her favorite pair of jeans .

You’re welcome .

(via thebeautifullyexposed-deactivat)

waiting waiting.

Ready for my brunch date

i know what you’re thinking ! what the fuck does she have on ?

Mr cool guy  , the one who dresses really nice , asked if i could dress how i 

normally dress for him and he wants to see who has more swag out 

between the 2 of us lol , He really is a great dresser for him to be 44 

this is gonna be adorable .

The secret life of me ..

How i manage to manage it all is beyond me .

a little too much for my date with my main SD earlier ? 

all done.

Having a home gym »»

Amazing work out =]

Anonymous: What kind of arrangements do you have with your SD's that you're able to have a good relationship with your boyfriend also?

Ill put it this way 

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years

i have only been a SB for about a year .

my 2 SD’s are business men which benefits me drastically because they are always out of town or busy. We meet at least once or twice a week , not counting the trips and such . Hope this helped ?

I only have two best friends… Him and my mother.

sorry for the personal photos ladies ..